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About Sportmed Acupuncture


My name is Sergei Khitrykau , founder of SportMedAcupuncture clinic. In 2008 I finished the Acupuncture program of Montreal Rosemont college and became licensed acupuncturist .Since than I practice acupuncture in Montreal and suburbs.

I specialize in the treatment of all kind of pains: chronic, acute; neurological neuropathies, digestive or pulmonary disorders.

My practice is the integration of several Acupuncture technics. High end modern Acupuncture technics such as neuroacupuncture , Laser Acupuncture are mixed with classical Japanese Meridian and Dr Tong or Tan Acupuncture along with classical massage Tuina or Guasha technic.


The majority of my treatments are based on three principles.

The one thing I understood working with my patients, Acupuncture never ever should be painful or uncomfortable. In the clinic, only high quality, one single quality needles are used that do not cause any harmful sensations.

I you would like to experience my Acupuncture approach , I welcome you to take the appointment in one of the three locations in Montreal.

Thank you and see you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my clinic the most important rule is that Acupuncture never ever should produce any uncomfortable sensations. Everything must be un comfortable zone of my patients.

Absolutely, only one single high quality used. As soon as I take them off , they go to special biomedical waste containers.

Yes, I am the member of L’Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Quebec since 2008 .

Quite difficult to answer that question.The best answer gave one of my teacher: “As few as possible as much as needed”.  In real practice it can go from 4 to 50 needles per treatment.

Once again, It will depend on my clinical impression and chosen treatment protocol.

My ultimate goal is to have the positive outcome after the very first treatment. In 70-80% of my treatments  it is the case. However, There are some situations where I have to try different approaches to find the right key .

I always ask my patients to give me 4-5 treatments to see if any positive results will be produced. If after 4-5 treatment my patients feel better, we might go for another 2-3 treatments, depending on severity of symptoms

Yes, kids are my best patients. They react so fast and so positive that it still amazes me every time. Usually, I do not use needles with them. It is well enough to just massage certain areas or points and they respond amazingly fast.

Unfortunately no. That part of Acupuncture never was my strongest point.

Depending on the clinic it is $85 -90 for the first treatment, and $80-85 for the follow ups. All major private insurance companies reimburse the cost of Acupuncture. After every treatment you will receive the receipt for the insurance purposes.

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