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Get Treatment from Licensed Acupuncturist in Montreal

A Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) who has obtained a graduate education from an ACAOM accredited college and has passed the national certification exams administered by the NCCAOM receives approximately 80% of their education exclusively in this field and has had extensive clinical training averaging 34 years. SportMed Acupuncture may treat a broad range of health issues, including chronic disease, pain, internal medicine, rehabilitation, and preventative care. Licensed acupuncturist in Montreal complete at least 1500 to 2000 hours of training as part of their educational program. Learning to do it right requires extensive training in acupuncture. The most common designation for an acupuncturist’s license is “licensed acupuncturist” (“L.Ac.” or “Lic.Ac”). This title represents a licensed acupuncturist in Montreal who has met the aforementioned licensing requirements and has generally been accredited by the Board of Directors. If you ever thought that a needle prick could only cause pain, think again! Acupuncture for neck injury treatment in Montreal is a treatment that relieves not only neck pain but also shoulder pain.


licensed acupuncturist in Montreal


Acupuncture for neck pain is associated with a great myth about its safety. People often get goosebumps at the thought of having a needle in their neck and people are scared of needles. It is as safe as taking a neck pain medicine, but there are no side effects from the medicine. However, our licensed acupuncturist in Montreal is a certified professional to perform acupuncture for neck pain and people with bleeding disorders should be wary of acupuncture.

Before performing acupuncture for neck pain, you should be aware of some acupuncture points that can help you improve your performance in a safer way. SportMed Acupuncture for neck injury treatment in Montreal is the most convenient, but not drug, method. There are several acupressure points for neck pain that can help relieve the pain quickly. Some of them are:

  • Pillar of HeavenThis point can be found in the occipital lobe. The spine is located on the side of the tendon where it meets the skull. Reduce neck pain and neck stiffness by simulating one point.
  • Well of the Shoulder – You can find this point in the shoulder muscle. It is mainly present at the base of the neck and at the junction of the neck and shoulder muscles. These acupoints can help relieve neck and back pain.
  • End of Bone – The next point is just above the occipital ridge. You may have noticed a slight dent behind the ear. This is the main pressure point for the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle. By simulating appropriate acupressure points, you can treat severe headaches, dizziness and neck pain.
  • Union Valley – This point is between the thumb and index finger in the skin-joint mass. Stimulating this point with a needle relieves tension in the neck muscles and relieves discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Stimulating this point may also help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • GB 20 – You can find this point on the back of the neck. It can be easily found near the base of the skull, a small indentation. To find this point, place your hand on the back of your head. Using your thumbs, you can see that there are two dents in the neck under the skull. This point is typically 2 inches from the skull and is known to be one of the most effective locations for neck pain. This is a specific point a licensed acupuncturist in Montreal can stimulate when going to an acupuncture session. 

How many times do I need acupuncture for neck pain effective treatment?

Acupuncture for neck injury treatment in Montreal is effective from the first session. We recommend visiting 6 or 12 times, twice or once a week or as needed. A typical session lasts no more than 30 to 80 minutes. Acute conditions such as intermittent pain and sprains tend to require less frequency and time to visit.


A lot of people have made a hype for the next practice because of safety. The medical literature is very diverse about this method. Initially, there may be bleeding and small bruising may occur after the needle is removed. In this situation, there is no need to panic as It is kind of our “commercial distinct feature” and it is only part of the procedure. We master the skill to do treatment without any pain. Therefore, using acupuncture to treat neck pain is a better option than harmful drugs that cause side effects and be sure about us as SportMed Acupuncture treatments  are painless, safe, and efficient.

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