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dry needling Montreal

Dry needling is a treatment in which a single filament needle is inserted through the skin into the areas of the muscle. It manages the neuro musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments by treating the underlying muscular trigger points. This is performed by a trained and skilled physical therapist who is certified in the procedure. Sportmed Acupuncture dispense dry needling Montreal services which can help you to get relief from muscular pain. Our physical therapists who perform dry needling are well educated in anatomy of the human body.

dry needling Montreal

Dry needling Montreal is effective in giving you relief from acute as well as chronic pain but this has to be used along with the other treatments like massage, stretching, heat therapy etc. to get a quick result. Dry needling can be used to treat the following types of problems –

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How dry needling actually works?

A neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine stimulates muscle contraction. Trigger points are confederated with excess acetylcholine and is depicted by a taut band which is found inside a muscle. Taut bands are formed naturally in response to an injury and can become knots if not treated. When blood flow is reduced in that trigger point then pain is caused in the muscle. Dry needling Montreal gives relief from the pain by placing the needles into or near the muscular knots.

Types of dry needling -

In general, dry needling is of six types which are as follows –

We as dry needling Montreal dispense all types of dry needling based on the area of pain by our best healthcare professionals who are highly trained and experienced having absolute knowledge of anatomy of the human body. So, don’t let pain give you stress and become a hurdle in the path of progress. Contact us for a solution to your every pain.

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