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Pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrists are often interrelated, but can occur separately as well

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Don’t Let Wrong Hands Be On You

Acupuncturists are experienced and skilled professionals who do acupuncture by inserting the thin needles in the patient’s body. Acupuncture, which is a Chinese medication, is proven to treat  diseases without side effects. As acupuncture is associated with the inserting of needles in the body, these should be perfectly placed inside the body. Any kind of wrong insertion could lead to trouble. Acupuncturist is a trained person who triggers the specific points of the body which controls the body pain.

Who is a  Licensed Acupuncturist ? 

  • A licensed acupuncturist is a medical practitioner who has got a graduate degree from an ACAOM – accredited college and passed the national certification exams conducted by NCCAOM..
  • Has obtained 80 % of their education in the field of acupuncture.
  • Has 3 – 4 years of clinical training.

Licensed acupuncturist in Montreal by Sportmed treats a variety of health related issues like knee pain, back pain, indigestion, joint pain etc. Our acupuncturists firstly study the area of pain, root cause of disease and then start the treatment of patients under keen observation. So come and leave all your worries here without any pain.

Neck Injury –

In general the neck is not given so much attention until its mobility is restricted due to some injury. Neck injury could be like fracture, strain, stiffness and many more. Some of the common neck injuries are –

  • Neck strain – This happens when the ligaments of the neck are torn which can occur due to sudden injury during a car accident or any kind of physical activity.
  • Stiff tendons and muscles – This usually takes place when the neck is kept in the same position for a prolonged period of time.
  • Fractured cervical spine – Although it’s a rare condition but still if this happens, immediate medical care is required. 

Neck injury treatment in Montreal can treat all types of neck injuries by acupuncture through which neck functioning can be improved and pain can be reduced.

Complete solution of neck injury treatment in Montreal

Neck pain acupuncture is a popular treatment for neck pain. There are specific trigger points in the neck where stimulation with acupuncture relieves neck pain. Acupuncture improves mood and can also help treat many types of medical conditions. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for degenerative neck disease. We provide a licensed acupuncturist in Montreal who is highly experienced and serves you 24×7 with complete dedication and fullest knowledge. Our proper medication and care help you recover very fast from illness.

Pain is a universally distressing feeling. Neck pain is a very common complaint among people who are working in poor posture. Example of common conditions causing neck pain are –

We provide neck injury treatment in Montreal in the most modern and effective way in a caring and nurturing environment. We offer multidimensional treatment plans.

SportMedAcupuncture  treatments are painless , safe , efficient.

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How do we treat Neck pain:

Sportmedacupuncture can offer a variety of proven therapies to treat neck pain, including :